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Do you have a welcome mat at your front door? Does is actually say “welcome”? Do you mean it?

If you’re anything like me, I’m not always eager to greet unexpected visitors to my front door despite what my mat says. Probably because most of the visitors to my front door have something to sell.

Of course, once you list your house, most of the front door visitors aren’t selling something. They’re buying. All the more reason to say, “Welcome.” However despite the welcome greeting on the mat in front of your door, what is your entry really saying?

Step out your front door and take a look.  What does the paint on your door say? Tired? Faded? Dated? What about your door handle. Has the sun and weather taken its toll? Has the step up to the porch separated like the San Andreas Fault? Are your plants begging for water? Do you have simple seasonal decorations displayed?

Remember that your porch and front door provide the first impression of your home. Before the buyer ever opens the door, have they already made a decision about your house? Is it positive?

It doesn’t cost much to paint your door, change out the hardware, and pot a couple plants. These simple touches may be all you need to be on your way to an accepted offer.

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