winter-landscape-house-for-saleIs your home vacant? Have you moved out of state or at least out of the area? Even though it’s a pretty warm December, the cold is coming and that can be pretty treacherous to a vacant home.

Despite having the heat on, you never know when it might go out. All it takes is a day or two for the temperatures to plummet inside your home and the pipes to freeze. To avoid this, you need to hire a professional to winterize your water system. Don’t just throw some antifreeze down you pipes and think you’re covered. A professional will do it right and protect your investment.

Sure you have insurance, but that will never make you whole.  Your insurer might fix the plumbing, remove the mold that starts, repair the drywall, and replace the flooring, but it will never cover the cost of the extra days your home is on market while the repairs are being made. How much is your mortgage? What are the basic utilities you need to keep the house going? And what about the property taxes? It can start to add up.

The small cost of hiring a professional is worth avoiding a broken pipe and the potential distruction of your home. So get ahead of the cold and winterize now.

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Time to Winterize your Vacant Home
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