lights-light-bulb-idea (1)All you may need to do to find the perfect buyer is replace your light bulbs.

What an idea! (Imagine a light bulb appearing over your head.)

The simplest of fixes is replacing dim or burned out light bulbs (except for the ones in vaulted ceilings), but so many sellers don’t take this simple step. Often that extra pop of light can make a room more welcoming. Dark homes are unfriendly homes.

Instead of 40 watts, we’ve used 60s. Instead of 60 watts, we’ve used 75s. We’ve used this trick before and it can make a world of difference. And today, with the advent of high quality LED bulbs, you can get that brightness without the energy expense. Also, if you time it right, you can find LED bulbs for pretty good prices on sale.

Good lighting won’t solve all your problems or make up for ignoring new flooring and paint, but it will drastically change a home’s appearance. Moreover, you don’t have to hire a professional to make this simple upgrade.

And when you receive your first offer, you’ll know that it was a bright idea.

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Changing Your Light Bulbs – A Bright Idea
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